How to Export/Print Wiki pages

Exporting and Printing Wiki pages

In order to use this documentation offline, or to print pages, you will first need to export the pages you need and download them for your use.  


1. Export to PDF


1. Find the Page menu icon and select "Export to PDF"


2. Start Export of all pages, or choose Customize Settings to print only the page you are viewing



3. Customize Settings: export only the page you are viewing


4. Save or Open the PDF export 




2. Export to Word (not recommended)



Exporting to Word is available, however it is not recommended, as it may cause the layout of the document to change, Screenshots may not render properly, and the order of instructions may be altered. This could cause some confusion when using documentation. Only export to Word if exporting to PDF is not feasible.


1. Select the Page menu icon and choose Export to Word. Save or Open the Word document.


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