Connection Forcefully Rejected Error with Copy Audit Numeric

When this happens, the first thing you should do is:

1) Check to see if you can telnet into port 9999 on the box. If you can, you know the network is fine and the box is online. If you can't, there is something wrong with the network.

2) Check to see if you can telnet into port 10001 on the box. If you can, then the problem is likely due to two Copy Audit Communicators. If you can't, somehow the 10001 port has gotten reset/cleared.

Telnet into port 9999, login with the password PACT7645 if it asks you for one, and go through the setup menus to change it. You can go through right now and see what is in there, but here are the things you need to do.

1) Telnet in, enter the PACT7645 password. You should see a menu list with some choices. If you have DeviceManager installed at the site, you can use the "Telnet Configuration" tab, otherwise just use the DOS telnet command.

2) Select the "Channel 1" option. The telnet configuration will start asking you to set a bunch of stuff. Here are all the things you can set in Channel 1, and what the settings should be:
a) Baud rate - 9600 (I have seen it set to 38400 when the issue has been occurring)
b) I/F Mode - 4C (No, I have no idea what this means right now, but that is how it needs to be set)
c) Flow - 00
d) Port No - 10001 (This is the local port, set to 0000 on problem boxes)
e) Connect Mode - C0
f) Send '+++' in modem mode? - Y (only in firmware, not on earlier 1.8 firmware)
g) Auto increment source port - N (only in firmware, not on earlier 1.8 firmware)
h) Remote IP -
g) Remote Port - 0
h) DisConnMode - 0
i) FlushMode - 0
j) DisConnTime - 00:00
k) SendChar1 - 0
l) SendChar2 - 0

3) Select the "Save and Exit" option on the main menu

After this, you should be able to telnet in on 10001, and you should be able to connect to the box fine through Print Audit.
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