Copy Audit Communicator Dependency


Copy Audit Communicator fails after a system restart due to a failed dependency

Note: This solution applies only to a Print Audit 6 deployment with SQL server as the database back end. Do not attempt this solution if your back end is Access!


1. Determine the service name for the SQL Server Service (Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services) and double click on the SQL Service. The following image has the Service Name highlighted:
image2016-4-20 11_50_33 (1).png 31 KB

2. Open the Registry Editor (Start->Run->Regedit) NOTE: Registry edits are dangerous! Backup the registry prior to editing!
3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
4. Locate the entry PA6CopyAuditCommunicator
5. Right click in the main frame, select New, then select Multi-string Value
6. Name the new entry DependOnService and set it's value to the Service Name you extracted in Step 1.
7. Close the Registry Editor, Return to the Services Application
8. Double click on the Print Audit 6 Copy Audit Communicator service and select the Dependencies tab.
9. You should see the SQL Server(Name of the Service) in the section titled "This service depends on the following system components"

Note - It is key that you determine that ACTUAL Service Name in use on your system as it could vary from the example above.
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