Copy Audit Numeric Displays Gibberish

Possible Causes:

Copy Audit box is connected to the wrong harness

  • Check to see if the box has been moved to a different copier or disconnected and not reconnected properly.
Copier is Causing the problem

  • Change the Copy Audit switch to bypass mode and make a copy. If copy works, then the problem lies with the box; unplug the Copy Audit box from the harness, but leave it plugged into the CAT5 and power.
Copy Audit box needs to be reconfigured

  • With Copy Audit box unplugged from copier, use the Copy Audit software interface to push a change out to the box and check for gibberish. If no gibberish, connect to harness and undo the change to the box. Test for gibberish.
Faulty AC Adaptor

  • If you plug AC adapter into the Copy Audit box with no extra cables (ethernet, harness) connected and the box displays "????????", this generally means that the AC adaptor is faulty and should be RMA'd.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, you will probably need to RMA the box.

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