Copy Audit Numeric has "Memory Full" error


The Copy Audit Numeric LCD display has a "Memory Full" error on it and won't allow the users to authenticate anymore copy jobs.


When the Copy Audit Numeric is set up to allow copy jobs when disconnected, it will allow copy jobs to go through even with invalid codes. The Copy Audit Numeric stores the details of these jobs in it's memory. Eventually, if the Copy Audit Numeric can't communicate with the Copy Audit Communicator, it's memory buffer will get full.


You'll need to find out why the Copy Audit Numeric device can't communicate with the Copy Audit Communicator ie: bad network connection, Copy Audit Communicator service isn't running etc. Once the Copy Audit Numeric can communicate with the Copy Audit Communicator service, the Copy Audit will dump the contents of it's memory to the Print Audit database.

NOTE: If you change any of the settings in the Print Audit Administrator for the Copy Audit device, you will overwrite any stored jobs in the Copy Audit's memory.

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