How to place the Copy Audit in a "hold state"

There are some situations after you begin copying where you need more time than the normal "walkaway" timeout would permit to finish your copying. If more time is needed you can put Copy Audit in a "hold state". To do so:

  1. While copying, press the back arrow key on the Copy Audit device. This puts it in hold mode. Once you start making more copies the hold mode automatically cancels.

To change the timeout of the "hold state" here is how:

  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator
  2. Select the Copy Audit module
  3. Select the Copy Audit box you want to change the timeout on
  4. Select the Edit button from the top button bar
  5. On the Copy Audit editing window select the Timeouts tab
  6. You have the option of increasing the Walkaway timeout or the Hold timeout which is a multiplier of the Walkaway timeout
  7. Once the settings have been changed, select Save

The Copy Audit device you have changed will now re-establish its connection and the timeout changes will take effect.

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