How to update your Copy Audit software

From time to time we release maintenance updates to our software, we may also ask you to update your software from time to time, to fix any known issues. Here is how to update our software:

  1. Browse to our website,
  2. Hover your mouse over Resources and select Patches and Updates
  3. Select Print Audit 6 / Copy Audit Numeric
  4. Select Click Here to begin the download, you can either run the software, or save it.
  5. If you chose to run the software, the installer should just launch, if you choose to download the software, you will need to locate and run the PA6Setup executable
  6. Once the software has been run, select Print Audit 6 Setup
  7. As the software extracts it will notice our software already installed, and will ask you to perform an upgrade, select Yes on the popup that appears

The installer will now upgrade you to the latest version of the Print Audit 6 / Copy Audit software.

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