I get an error message that Copy Audit could not connect as the MAC address or the IP address are invalid.


The following error message occurs when you try and add a Copy Audit device in the Print Audit Administrator:

Could not connect to the Copy Audit box.
Please make sure the MAC address and IP address are valid.


  • The IP address that is being assigned to the Copy Audit device is already in use on the network.
  • The MAC address you entered in the Print Audit Administrator is not correct for the Copy Audit device.


  • Ensure that the IP address is available on the network or try another IP address for the Copy Audit device.
    • To ensure that the IP address is valid, unplug the network cable from the Copy Audit device, open a command prompt window and Ping the IP address. If there is a response, the IP address is in use for another device on the network. Use the Ping command to find an available IP address to use for the Copy Audit device.
  • Verify the MAC address on the label on the back of the Copy Audit device. Note that MAC addresses will contain zeros (0), and will not contain the letter O.
  • Ensure that you are using the most recent version of Print Audit.
  • If you are adding multiple Copy Audit devices, try connecting only the one that you are trying to add to the network. Unplug all of the other Copy Audit devices and add only one at at time
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