Where do I get the IP address for a Copy Audit Terminal

Copy Audit Terminals (Numeric or Touch) need to have IP addresses assigned in order to work with Print Audit. In the case of Copy Audit Touch an additional address is also required for the NCA.

Typically these addresses would be allocated by your network administrator. When you request these addresses from your network administrator ensure that you indicate these addresses need to be static.

Typically IP addresses are assigned to the terminal or NCA by the Print Audit Administrator when you define the Numeric Terminal or associate an NCA with a touch terminal. In each case you supply the IP address provided to you by your network administrator and the MAC address of the terminal/NCA which is on the back of the terminal/NCA on white Dymo tape.

There are two ways to assign an address to a terminal or NCA, the first is to use the Print Audit Administrator, you supply the MAC address from the back of the unit and the IP address assigned by your network administrator and Print Audit Administrator then uses the MAC address to find the terminal and configure it with the IP address needed to work with the rest of Print Audit.

In some cases you may need to download the Lantronix Device Installer to configure the IP address. Typically however, Print Audit Administrator is sufficient for the task. If you believe you may need the Device Installer to configure a given terminal or NCA, please contact Print Audit support for information on where to obtain it and how to use it.
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