After moving the application my Copy Audit Touch terminals have disappeared and cannot be recreated.

After moving the Print Audit application to a new server you will notice that your Copy Audit Touch terminals have disappeared, and any attempt to add them back results in an error indicating that the device already exists.

This occurs because when you create the Copy Audit Touch terminal definition in Administrator, the hostname of the machine hosting the database communicator that the terminal communicates with is set as a 'Parent Key' in the database.  When you move the application to a new server, the hostname typically will change.  If the parent key and the actual hostname do not match, the device won't be shown in Administrator.  However the device still exists in the database, which will prevent you from recreating it.

To resolve this issue you will need to contact Print Audit support.  If your database back end is SQL, we will provide you a script that can be run through Database Maintenance to delete the Copy Audit Touch terminal entries in your database.  If your database back end is Access, please compact your database using Database Maintenance prior to contacting support as we will need to get a copy of your Access database, make the required deletions here and then return your database to you.
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