Autocolor on Toshiba 3510c and above is not available when tracking with the Copy Audit Touch


When the Toshiba 3510c is set to track copies with the Copy Audit Touch NCA, the Autocolor feature is not available.


The Toshiba 3510c (and other Toshiba models) give users the selection "Color", "Black and White" and "AutoColor". The AutoColor is the feature on the Toshiba that will break down a combination color/B/W document into number of pages that are color and number of pages that are B/W. When setting up the Toshiba to work with the Copy Audit Touch for tracking, the setting disables Autocolor and the user can only specify that the document is either all color or all B/W.

Essentially, the Copy Audit Touch functions as a "coin counter" under the Toshiba. Toshiba doesn't break down Color/BW pages under this setting as a job will be considered All color or All B/W when using a coin box.

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