Copy Audit Touch Card Reader Information

Copy Audit Touch is compatible with USB Card Readers, information on the card readers and how to set them up in Copy Audit Touch is included below.


  • Customers can also purchase USB magnetic swipe card readers or USB proximity card readers for use with Touch. Copy Audit Touch is compatible with any USB reader that presents itself as a keyboard.


  • In most scenarios, the customer will already have a security card system and will know what settings they are using to configure Copy Audit Touch.
  • If the customer has recently purchased their security card system, they can refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to install the actual card readers. Once they have the card readers installed, they can follow the steps below to configure the Copy Audit Touch Terminal to use the card reader.


  • On the Terminal, open the Touch Configuration program.
  • Select the Security tab.
  • Select the appropriate Card Type - Proximity or Swipe.
  • Select the appropriate Read Format. If the customer is not sure what format to use, they can scan or swipe one of their cards on a card reader connected to this terminal to see what the Data from Card and Resulting pin fields display.
  • The information in the Resulting Pin is what needs to be entered in the Print Audit 5 or 6 Administrator for the User's PIN code.
  • This may be a trial and error process to find the correct settings.
  • Once the customer has configured the Security settings and entered card PIN code for a PA5 or PA6 User, they can set a Touch Activity to Card Reader authentication and test it.
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