Copy Audit Touch Timeouts

There are three timeouts associated with Copy Audit Touch terminals and NCAs.  Of these two have default settings which should be sufficient in the vast majority of environments.  The third timer in many environments often needs to be increased, and in some cases suspended entirely.  We'll start by looking at the two settings which in general should be ample for most environments.

Terminal Inactivity Timeout:

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This timeout controls how long the terminal software will wait for user input before abandoning the session.  The default of three minutes is generally ample, generally users will need far less than three minutes to go through the application prompts and unlock the device, once the device is unlocked the NCA inactivity timeout (See below) becomes the controlling timer.

NCA Communication timeout:

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This timeout controls how long the NCA will wait for communications with the terminal software.  Again the default of 60 seconds should be ample, and it would be exceedingly rare that you would want to edit this value.  Generally speaking if communications between the terminal and the NCA are timing out, it would usually be better to address the source of the timeout than extend this value.

NCA Inactivity timeout:

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This timeout controls how long the NCA will wait for pulses from the copier before closing the session.  Once the device is unlocked this timer will start, it will stop and reset while the device is working and then start counting again when the machine runs idle. This is the timer you typically will want to modify when timeouts are disrupting user workflow. For example, if a device runs out of paper during a job, this counter will start as the device stops sending pulses to the NCA. So the user basically has one minute to identify the paper out condition, find paper, load the tray and restart copying before the NCA decides that the job is done and closes the session.  Similarly for toner or any other condition which might stop copying and require user intervention. 

Setting this timeout to 0 has the effect of suspending the timer altogether.  The NCA will simply wait forever for pulses from the device.  If a user walks away after the copy job has completed, the terminal will still be counting copies and the NCA will have the device unlocked. Users would need to explicitly cancel their sessions on the terminal when they were done copying as the terminal would no longer timeout and log them out.
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