How to set costs for different page sizes in Copy Audit Touch

How to set different costs for different page sizes:

  1. Open the Print Audit Administrator (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Print Audit -> Administrator).
  2. Click on the “Copy Audit Touch” icon on the left-hand side.
  3. Double Click on the “Copier” entry on the Copy Audit Touch screen.
  4. Double Click on the “Copy Audit NCA” activity.
  5. Click on the “Pricing and Paper Size” tab.
  6. Change the “Pricing option” drop down to “per page size”.
  7. Set the B/W Cost and Color Cost by the appropriate Page Size.
  8. Once finished changing the pricing, click on “Accept”.
  9. Back at the Editing Copier screen, click “Save”.

Note: Not all multifunction print devices support “Page Size” detection on walk up copying. If your copier doesn’t support this feature, then all pages will report as Letter (8.5 x 11) and setting different page size costs will not have any effect on copy job costs.
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