Why don't Client Codes show up in the Popup, Embedded or Copy Audit selections

Why don't Client Codes show up in the Popup, Embedded or Copy Audit Touch selections? In the Copy Audit Numeric, you might get a "Invalid Code" error. Three possible causes for this are:

The Code is not in the list of Client Custom Field values. To check this:

  1. Open the Print Audit Administrator. (Start Menu --> All Programs --> Print Audit 6 --> Administrator).
  2. Click on the icon "Client Custom Fields".
  3. Use the "Lookup" field to search for the entry or you can sort the list by clicking on the headers (Code, Description etc.).
  4. If the code is not in the list, users won't see it presented as an option even if they've used it previously.

The Code is in the list but is flagged as "Inactive".

  1. Locate project code using the steps above.
  2. If the "Active" box isn't checked, you need to check it so that it shows up in the user's list. To set a code as active, double click on the entry and check the box "Is Active" then click on "Save".
The database that the users are adding code to is not the same database that Client are using.

It's possible that codes may be entered into one database but the clients through the Database Communicator may be contacting a different database. This usually happens with Access databases. You can check the database the Administrator is using by opening the Administrator and going to "Tools --> Set Database".
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