Client Error "Could not connect and verify your information."

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This error only occurs under two circumstances:

  1. If the Client is configured to use PIN Codes before allowing the user to print.
  2. On the initial installation of the Client and it is unable to connect to the server the first time it tries to track a print job.  The Client gets its instructions from the server to determine how to handle print jobs.  If the Client is not able to get the instructions, it goes to it's default behavior - disallow printing.
The three most common causes of this issue are:

  • The Client's Location/Port fields are incorrect.
  • The Client is blocked from communicating with the server.
  • The Service required by the Client is not running.
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The Client Configuration utility can be launched by running this program:
Print Audit 6 - C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit 6\Client\pa6ccutl.exe
PCS Director - C:\Program Files (x86)\Ricoh\PCS Director\Client\pa6ccutl.exe

The Client communicates with a Windows service called the Database Communicator.  To communicate the Client requires two pieces of information:

Location: this refers to the IP Address or the Hostname (FQDN can be used) to the computer running the Database Communicator service.  It is not a UNC path ("\\server\Print Audit") or a database location/connection (SERVER\SQLEXPRESS). 

Port: this refers to the TCP/IP port number that the Database Communicator service is configured to listen on.  By default, this is port 17520 for both the Client and the Database Communicator services.  This default may be changed but both the Client and the Database Communicator service have to use the same port number.

A firewall or VPN may block communication between the Client and the Database Communicator service.  Both outbound and inbound connections are required on the port they are communicating through.

The Database Communicator service must be running to listen for requests from the Print Audit 6 Client.  The service can be checked on the server to see if it is running:

  1. The graphic interface to the service is called "Communicator Configuration" and is found under the Print Audit 6 applications (PCS Director).  If the service is running, the "Start" button will be greyed out.
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  2. The Windows Services (Windows Administration tools) will show if the service is currently running or not.
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If unable to start the service or if the Client is still giving the error message, please contact support for assistance.

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