How to determine the current software version.

The steps to determine the version of your installed software are below.  To find the latest available version please follow this link.  If you are unsure of which product you are using, additional guidance is available here.

User Management:  the server and client portions may have different versions

  • Log into the User Management website
  • The installed version will be at the bottom of each web page

Client: can be determined in several areas:
  • On a workstation with the Client installed, look for the "Infinity" User Management icon in the System Tray, right click on the icon and select "About" 
  • From the server, login to the User Management website, go to "Administration --> Settings --> Client".  Last version reported by the Client is available for each workstation is displayed.  

Infinite Device Management (IDM) 
  • Log into the Infinite Device Management portal
  • Go to "Help --> Latest Release Notes"

Information Collection Engine (ICE)
  • Open the ICE Administrator
  • Go to "Help --> About"

Print Audit 6/PCS Director

Tools (Administrator, Job Manager, Database Communicator)
  • Locate the Print Audit 6 Client icon in the System Tray (number "6" in a multicolored circle)
  • Right click and go to "About".

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