User Management error "Could not connect and verify your information"

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This error only occurs under two circumstances:

  1. If the Client is configured to use PIN Codes before allowing the user to print.
  2. On the initial installation of the Client and it is unable to connect to the server the first time it tries to track a print job.  The Client gets its instructions from the server to determine how to handle print jobs.  If the Client is not able to get the instructions, it goes to it's default behavior - disallow printing.

The most common causes are an incorrect Services URL or the Client Services on the UM Server is  unreachable.
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The User Management Client Config utility can be launched by running User Management --> Configuration.  If the UM Client was deployed silently, The configuration utility can be run from C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Infinite\client\pacliconfig.exe.  Please note that the configuration utility will prompt for User Account Control permissions.

Client Service:  Start or Stop the User Management Client
Service URL:  The client will use this name or URL to communicate with the Client web services to track and secure jobs. The Service URL has three components and a fourth optional

  • "https:" - the Client uses https rather than http to communicate with the UM server.
  • "//<COMPUTERNAME" - the hostname or IP Address of the server running the UM Client Services.
  • ":port" - UM will install an alternate https port if the default port 443 is not available.  The alternate https port is 6321.  The computer name and the port number are separated by a ":" signifying an alternate port value. 
  • "Services" - name of the web service the UM Client connects to.  
Logging type:  Sets the level of logging performed by the UM Client.  Errors only  is the default and is recommend unless requested by technical support.
Test URL:  Test that the value "Service url" is valid and able to communicate with the UM Client Services.

Service URL examples:

Server is identified by IP Address:
Server is identified by Host Name:  https://SERVER2016/Services
Server is using the alternate port:   https://SERVER2016:6321/Services
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