Counts/toner/non-toner levels don't agree with the embedded page for a device

If you run into a situation where the counts/levels do not agree with those shown in Infinite Device Management, it will be necessary to escalate the issue to our Development team to resolved the issue.  However, before a case can be escalated, we require at least two pieces of information:

  1. A MIB walk using the "Walk Device" utility built into the ICE Administrator.
  2. A screenshot of the value reported by the printer through it's embedded web page.
Both of the these have to be performed by someone at the end customer's location (or with remote access) AND done simultaneously to ensure that the values in MIB are reporting exactly what the device is reporting.

Technical explanation:

The ICE software uses a network protocol SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to query printers and collect various data items such as life counts, toner levels and non-toner consumibles.  SNMP has a defined way of identifying properties of a printer, it's status and it's supply levels.  The ICE software uses this standard (sometimes referred to as the "Printer MIB") to collect details about counts and supply levels.   However, these standards are not always followed by printer manufacturers:

  1. The printer may have properties/values that are not found in the standard MIB.
  2. The print manufacturer may use a proprietary or private calls to a printer's MIB.
  3. The print manufacturer may use some of the MIB values to store data other than the intended purpose of the field.
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