User Management for Print Audit 6 Users

User Management looks different than Print Audit 6 but most functionality has been carried forward in this new version.  If you are familiar with Print Audit 6, you'll find that the familiar components have been duplicated in the UM web pages.

Print Audit 6 Administrator 
User Management Site --> Administration
 System Settings
Administration --> Settings --> System
Client Settings
Administration --> Settings --> Client
 View/Change Licensing
Administration --> Settings --> Licensing
Client Custom Fields
Administration --> Custom Fields
Printer Profiles
Administration --> Printers --> Profiles
Printer Paper Sizes
Administration --> Printers --> Paper Sizes
Administration --> Printers --> List
User Profiles
Administration --> Users --> Profiles
Administration --> Users --> List
Copy Audit
Not Supported in UM
Copy Audit Touch
Not Supported in UM
Embedded Systems
Administration --> Embedded --> Copiers
Advanced --> Applications
Administration --> Applications
Advanced --> Network and Authentication
Administration --> Settings --> Network and Authentication
Advanced --> Custom Rules
Administration --> Rules

Print Audit 6 Job Manager/Analysis Reporting  
User Management Site --> Administration
Find Jobs
Job Accounting --> Jobs --> Accounted
Reporting --> Job Reports
Export Results
Job Accounting --> Exports
Edit Job Account Codes
Job Accounting --> Export --> Account Codes
Run Accounting...
Job Accounting --> Export --> Accounting Run
Print Audit 6 Analysis Reporting
Reporting --> Analysis Reports

Print Audit 6 Utilities
User Management
Client Status and Deployment Tool
Client Status and Deployment
Database Migration 
Database MIgration Tool
Database Maintenance
Database Wizard
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