Before deleting a customer or site in IDM read this KB!

First consider why you are deleting the customer/site:

1) Customer names, site names, contact data, all of these can be edited in the IDM portal, so there is no need to delete and recreate a customer in IDM in order to fix a spelling error, or to change contact information.  

2) The customer is receiving the message "This site is licensed to another copy of ICE." when trying to activate, often dealers will believe this message indicates that the site needs to be deleted and recreated, however this situation is best resolved by following the procedure detailed here.

These are very common situations that users often believe require deleting and recreating a site, and indeed deleting and recreating sites and customers will get around either set of conditions, but it can also create new problems for you.

Your ability to administer your users depends on those users having rights to customers or sites under your dealership.  If you delete a site or customer, the associated rights on user accounts are also deleted.  If this results in a user having no rights to any customer or site, this user becomes orphaned.  Because they have no rights to anything under your dealership, you have no rights to administer them.  However as the account still exists, you cannot recreate it either.  Nor will the user have access to any data should they login to IDM.  At that point your only option is to contact Print Audit support, and we can delete the user account allowing you to recreate it.

But, deleting these user accounts before deleting the site or customer obviates the need to involve support, and you can simply recreate the deleted accounts after recreating the site.

Alternatively, you can temporarily assign email contact rights to your dealership, or your demo room customer for example.  This ensures that after deleting the customer or site they originally had rights to, that they will still have rights to something under your dealership, ensuring that you retain the right to administer them.

But the best solution is to avoid the issue altogether, by not deleting sites to resolve issues that can be resolved through other means.

Note: It's not just your customer user accounts that can become orphaned.  Any user account that has no rights to a customer or site or dealer will be orphaned, so even in the case where the site should be deleted, it's usually a good thing to check that none of your dealer-level accounts will become orphaned by such a deletion as well.

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