Can I create custom dashboard views and what are the steps for me to customize a Dashboard view?

Yes you can customize Dashboard views to your own needs. To do so follow the procedure below:

  1. From Dashboard page click on ‘Create a copy of this view’. For simplicity purposes, let us assume that the view being copied is the Overview view.
  2. You will now notice that there are more options available to you, one is Edit this view button, and the other is the Delete this view button. Since we wish to customize our view we will click on the ‘Edit this View’ button.
  3. You should now be under the ‘Dashboard Setup’ sub-tab. Under this tab you will have the options to change the view name, the columns that are displayed for the dashboard, etc. For the purpose of this example we will look at column customization. If you wish do delete a dashboard column find the row in the table (called ‘Columns’) that represents that column in the dashboard and click the delete button.
  4. If you wish to add a dashboard column then click ‘Add another column’ button.
  5. Insert the name that you desire for the dashboard column, the Column Type, and adjust the location where the dashboard column should appear by using the up and down arrow provided. When you are satisfied with your creation click the ‘OK’ button to submit the change.
  6. Finally, when you have completed all the changes for your customized view click the ‘Save’ button.
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