Can I customize the columns on Device Management pages?

Yes, but first; let's discuss what Device Management pages are.  Device Management pages are generally pages which contain a list of devices returned after a criteria based search.  From this list of machines you would  typically select some or all of the machines for performing some Management function (adding to a profile, changing license levels, etc. etc.) 

Example Device Management pages in IDM would include:

1) The Devices and Licensing page for a customer site.

2) The Device selector page used when populating list-based Alert profiles

3) The Device selector page used when populating Reporting Groups

4) The Device selector page used when populating Actual or Assigned Cost Profiles

5) The Device Finder page.

What columns are displayed on each of these pages is determined by your user profile.

To see or customize the list:

1) Log into IDM

2) Select Administration

3) Under Administration, select My Profile

4) Scroll down the page until you find the Device List Columns.

5) Check all the fields you would like displayed on Device Management pages, ensure any unwanted fields have the checkbox cleared.

6) Save the changes by clicking on the Save button on the bottom of the page.

Once these changes are saved, you will only see the selected columns on Device Management pages.

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