Could not activate your license. The site is already licensed to another ICE

  1. If trying to activate ICE using an Activation code that is already in use with another Infinite Device Management customer. Activation codes are unique for each ICE software installation. An activation code cannot be used to activate multiple sites.
  2. If the ICE software has already been successfully activated for the customer. When the ICE software is successfully activated, it should not need to be reactivated.

 Activation codes in Infinite Device Management/ICE are used to uniquely identify a customer site in the Infinite Device Management portal with the installation of the ICE software. Each installation of ICE requires it's own unique Activation code. An Activation code can only be activated once unless the code is "released" as per the instructions below.

The ICE software activation code only needs to be "released" if:

  1. the ICE software has been uninstalled at a site and needs to be reinstalled using the same activation code.
  2. the MAC address of the machine hosting the ICE software has changed. This could be due to moving the ICE software to a different machine or in the case of a virtual machine, the MAC address may have changed if the virtual machine is configured to create a new MAC address.

If the ICE software needs to be reactivated for any reason (ie: moving the ICE software to a new server at the site), the Activation code has to be released. To "release" an Activation code for reuse:

  1. Log in to the Infinite Device Management portal.
  2. Go to "Administration --> Customers".
  3. Locate the "site name" beside the customer name and click on it.
  4. Click on the tab "Information Collection Engine".
  5. At the end of the field "License Key", click on "Save Configuration" to save any SNMP or Custom Scan range setting that you have.
  6. Click on "Remove License" to release the Activation code for reuse.
  7. When you run the ICE Administrator again, you should be prompted immediately for the activation code


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