Date/Time and Number Locale Settings

With the release of Infinite Device Management 3.16, certain reports and web pages in IDM can be set to display different Date/Time and Number formats other than the user's default setting.  This feature is useful when dealing with customers that use different Regional settings.  For example, a dealer in the United Kingdom could set a report to use German date/time and numeric formatting.

The user's default format for Date/Time and Number Locale settings are available under Administration → My Profile.  The locale settings here will be used as the default setting throughout IDM.  

Selected reports can be set to use different Date/Time and Number formats than the default set in "My Profile".  Most data export reports require that the date/time be in a certain format so this option is not available on those exports.

Please note that meter counts are not modified by the Number Locale setting in any report.  The following reports have a user interface control that does not allow for the use of custom locale formatting:

  • Twelve Month Volume Trend
  • Top Ten Devices by Color Volume
  • Top Ten Devices by Mono Volume
  • Top Ten Devices by Total Volume
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