Duplicate / phantom devices being reported by ICE

In some cases ICE will report a device as existing on a number of different IP's within a scan range.

For example, ICE may report the same device as being found at,, This occurs because ICE is scanning IP addresses that are configured to be either network or broadcast addresses in the customer's environment. This problem has arisen due to an incorrect assumption made in ICE that all devices being scanned will be use the subnet mask. Since this is not necessarily the case, the customer will have to specify the proper subnet mask via the 'Information Collection Engine' tab in Infinite Device Management.

Most people can leave the subnet mask as the default (, but if duplicate devices are a problem Tech will need to work with the customer to determine the proper subnet mask(s) being used in that particular environment.

How to fix the problem:

  • Determine the subnet mask for each scan range by either speaking to the Network Administrator or navigating to the 'Networking' area of the device's embedded webpage.
  • If you are obtaining the subnet mask from the device's embedded webpage, check several devices to ensure they are consistent.
  • Navigate to the 'Information Collection Engine' tab in Infinite Device Management and enter new scan ranges with the proper subnet masks, and then delete the old ranges.
  • The new scan ranges with the subnet masks will be downloaded the next time ICE performs a scan
  • In Facilities Manager, set any duplicate devices to 'Do not track'.
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