Edimax devices keep showing up as New devices in the Dashboard.


New printers keep showing up in the Infinite Device Management Dashboard.  If they are deleted or set to "Do Not Track", they show up again.


When the ICE software performs it's scan, it asks the device at an IP address - "Are you a printer".  The Edimax devices respond "Yes" (because it is a print control device) but the information that they give us doesn't correspond to the standard "printer MIB" for the MAC address.   The device returns a different MAC address each time they are queried so they show up as new printers each time.


The only workaround that we have for this currently is to set a custom scan range that excludes the Edimax device.  For example, if the Edimax has an IP address of, you'd need to set the scan range to go up to and then carry on from to avoid scanning that IP address.  Once the exception is in place, then use the "Devices and Licensing" screen to delete all of the Edimax entries.

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