Error 12175 on Activation or during scanning

Users may receive this error when activating their license, or you may find this error in the PAFM_Event.log when full logging is enabled:

Soap call 'VerifyLicense' failed. Error: 12175

First confirm that the proxy settings in ICE Administrator are correct, if these are correct and the problem persists:
  • The Date/Time settings on the computer trying to connect is incorrect.   Check that the system time and date are correct.
  • The certificates are corrupt or missing. 
  • Older versions of Windows can cause this error if they are not fully patched. Click here for more details.

One quick method to verify this is the case is to browse to Infinite Device Management, does it go directly to the site, or are they prompted with an untrusted certificate or can they even access it?
If the Date/Time settings are correct, and the error persists and/or the user is unable to browse Infinite Device Management in a web browser, please contact Print Audit Support for assistance in troubleshooting the certificate setup on the machine running ICE.
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