Formal Data Retention Policy for Infinite Device Management

Licensed Devices  (Silver,Gold or Platinum)

  • All device count and consumable history for each licensed device is retained for the current and previous calendar year.
  • The primary counters and consumables history for each licensed device is retained for a minimum of four (4) calendar years including:
    • Life Count
    • Life Mono
    • Life Color
    • Copy Mono
    • Print Mono
    • Fax
    • Scan
    • Scan Mono
    • all CMYK toner information including level, description, serial number, etc.

Alert History and toner change history for licensed devices will be retained for a minimum of five (5) calendar years.

Unlicensed Devices (Do Not Track)

When a device is not licensed much of the scan results information is deleted.  Specifically:

  • All extended counts
  • All extended consumables
  • Scan Results older than 60 days

Data clean up is done weekly so depending on when the license is set to Do Not Track data could be available for up to a week depending when the license level was changed.

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