How do I enable Local Device Tracking?

Local Device Tracking

The Information Collection Engine (ICE) can track print volumes on all types of devices, whether they are networked or not. Devices that do not support SNMP or which are not connected directly to the network are called Local Devices. In most cases, Local Devices connect to a computer using USB or a parallel port. They may or may not be shared on the network, but they are not directly connected to it.

How Local Device Tracking Works

By default, the Information Collection Engine will not automatically track Local Devices. The ICE obtains this information by integrating with another software product, Print Audit 6. Print Audit 6 tracks every single printing device at a customer site, including Local Devices and special types of printers like PDF writers.

Enabling Local Device Tracking

There are two steps required to enable Local Device Tracking at a customer site:
  1. Install and Configure Print Audit 6, if it is not already present at the customer site.
  2. Enable local device tracking in the ICE configuration for the site.

#1. Installing and Configuring Print Audit 6 at the Customer Site

You must deploy Print Audit 6 to all of the workstations at a customer site in order to accurately track printing to local devices. You can deploy Print Audit 6 using many different deployment methods. In most cases, you will be able to use same method the customer uses to deploy other software to their workstations.

Note: The Print Audit Database Communicator must be installed on the same computer that the ICE is installed on. The Print Audit 6 Database Communicator and Administrator components must be connected to the correct Print Audit database in order for ICE to gather the information for the local devices.

If there is already a Print Audit 6 installation at the customer site, you do not need to re-install it. Proceed to step 2.

Note: If this is a new installation of Print Audit 6, you must obtain a Print Audit 6 Infinite Device Management Only license key to enable tracking of local devices for Infinite Device Management. Please contact the Print Audit sales department to obtain a Print Audit 6 license key for this purpose. To find your nearest Print Audit Representative go to Contact on the Print Audit home page.

Installation guides for Print Audit 6 are available for download here.

#2. Enabling Local Device Tracking in the ICE Configuration for the Site

Enabling local device tracking in the ICE configuration is a very quick process that is completed within the Infinite Device Management web site.
  1. Log in to the Infinite Device Management web site.
  2. Navigate to Administration, then Customers.
  3. Locate the customer you wish to enable local tracking for in the list, and click the + sign to the left of the customer name.
  4. The list of sites for that customer will be displayed. Click on the name of the site that is to have local devices tracked.
  5. Click on the Information Collection Engine tab.
  6. Enable local device tracking by clicking the Local Device Tracking checkbox.
  7. Review the upload filters field, only devices with ports matching these filters will be uploaded, add any missing filters (for example DOT4*)
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.
  9. The ICE will automatically begin tracking local devices the next time it scans devices at the site.
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