How does toner coverage work in Infinite Device Management?

Toner coverage is calculated on a per-cartridge basis, using the following general formula:

Coverage = 5% * (toner used * Expected yield @ 5% coverage) / actual number of pages imaged

An example:

Suppose that a toner cartridge has a rated yield of 6000 pages @ 5% coverage and since IDM started tracking the device, the toner has dropped by 25% and 1000 pages have been printed. 25% * 6000 is 1500 pages. So, we would expect that the printer has imaged 1500 pages if the coverage is 5%. But the printer has only imaged 1000 pages. 1500 / 1000 means that we’ve actually used 1.5 times the amount of toner we expected (5%), giving us 7.5% coverage for that cartridge.

The accuracy of this calculation is affected by three main factors:

  1. Having a correct expected yield number to use for the calculation (configured in the Actual Cost profile of the device in Infinite Device Management).
  2. The granularity of toner level reporting. Ricoh devices in particular usually only report toner consumption in 10% increments, which means that coverage values will be on the high side as soon as the toner “drops” from 50% to 40%, and get lower as the toner approaches the next “drop”. Some other manufacturers have devices that measure toner levels more granularity than 10% increments, which means the coverage calculation is a little more accurate at any given moment.
  3. The length of time a cartridge has been tracked for (how much data is available). The longer a cartridge is tracked by Infinite Device Management, the more accurate the coverage calculation will be.   The longer the toner coverage is monitored, the less likely high or low coverage jobs will influence the overall coverage rate.

NOTE:  Toner coverage is not a historical calculation - the calculation is always based on the number of impressions from the current cartridge.  When a cartridge change has been detected, the number of pages imaged starts at zero.  It's not possible to run historical reports on a toner cartridge.

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