How to create an Actual Cost Profile

An Actual Cost Profile is used to calculate the actual cost of each managed device.   The impressions per cartridge is require to calculate Coverage in the Supplies section of the Dashboard.

To create a new Actual Cost Profile, log on to the Infinite Device Management website, click on “Device Management -> Actual Cost Profiles.  In the upper right hand corner, click on “Create new actual cost profile”.

  1. Give the new profile a meaningful name.  This name will allow you to reference the profile in the Actual Cost Profiles screen and in the Dashboard.
  2. Enter the Profile details.  If you do not know a value or do not wish to use it in the calculation, leave it blank.
a) Toner Costs and number of impressions yielded by a single cartridge.  The estimated yield per cartridge can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website or through a website such as Buyer’s Laboratory Inc.
b) Paper Cost is the typical cost for 500 sheets of paper.
c) Device Purchase Price is the purchase or lease price.  
d) Amortize Device Price Over is the number of months that the purchase price is amortized over.

3. Add devices that will use this profile.  Under the Devices section of the Actual Cost Profiles Details screen, click on the linked control “Add Devices”.  This will bring up a “Device Selector” screen.  Use this screen to search for devices based on the Customer and/or site.  A filter can be used to narrow down the list of devices.  For instance, you could use the filter to locate only those devices made by a specific manufacturer.  Use the check boxes to select the devices you want included in the profile.  You can select all of the device by clicking on the check box beside “Manufacturer”.  When finished, click “Done” on the Device Selector screen.

4. You can set up the Profile to be the default to new devices that are added to the Customer/Site or use the profile as the default for a specific model.  In the Default Profile section,

a) Check “Use this profile as a default for new devices in”
b) Select a Customer/Site level from the drop downs or check “Only use this profile as a default for the following model” and select a model from the drop down list.
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