How to do a MIB walk/Embedded Screen Shot

How to do a walk for IDM:

  1. Go into the ICE Administrator - Start -> All Programs -> Print Audit Facilities Manager -> ICE Administrator
  2. Click on Tools -> Walk Device
  3. Enter in IP address of device
  4. Click Walk
  5. The text file that I need is located in the following location. My Documents\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\2.0\Walks
  6. The file will be named x.x.x.xWalk.txt (x.x.x.x = IP address of the device)
  7. Zip up this file before transmitting by email to Print Audit Support.
To obtain an Embedded screen shot:
  1. In a web browser, go to the IP address of the device.
  2. Locate the page that contains the value in error - Page count, Toner Level, etc.
  3. Use "Alt-PrtScn" to create a copy of the screen.
  4. Paste in to MS Paint document or save the resulting image to a file.
Perform both of these at the same time so that the values in the MIB walk will reflect the values in the embedded web page.

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