How to enable Debug Logging in ICE

These instructions will generate 'clean' log files suitable for submission to Print Audit support:

Open ICE Administrator (Start->All Programs->Print Audit Facilities Manager->ICE Administrator).
  1. Stop both services.
  2. Open Log Viewer (From the same location as ICE Administrator). Run Log Viewer as Administrator, in order to be able to clear the logs in step 3.
  3. Select the first log file in the left side bar, click the red 'X' button on the toolbar to clear it's contents.
  4. Repeat step 4 for each log file.
  5. Close Log Viewer.
  6. Back in ICE Administrator, choose 'Full' from the drop down menu for logging.
  7. Start both services.
  8. Go to "Tools --> Scan Now" to initiate a Full scan immediately.
  9. Wait 60 minutes.*
  10. Log back onto the machine.
  11. Open ICE Administrator.
  12. Stop both services.
  13. Open Windows explorer, navigate to the appropriate path: **
    • Windows XP, Vista - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\2.0\Logs
    • All newer versions of Windows -  C:\ProgramData\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\2.0\Logs
  14. Zip up all the log files found at this location and email the resulting zip file to Print Audit Support.
  15. Back in the ICE Administrator set the logging level back to 'Errors only' then restart the services.

* - 60 minutes is the default quick scan interval, if the customers site has a different quick scan interval, use that value instead.  A Full "Discovery" scan can take up to several hours if a large number of IP addresses are being used.  If scanning IP addresses in the hundreds of thousands or more, it may take longer for the scan to complete.  Ideally, waiting 24 hours to get both Full and Quick Scan logs is a better practice.

** - As a general rule, the location of most Print Audit log files can be determined by opening Log Viewer, highlighting the log in question, and reading the path to that log file from the status bar.  

WARNING: Be sure to change the logging level back to 'Errors only' once you have gathered the logs you need as they can grow very large very quickly with 'Full' logging enabled.
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