How to manually add a device

New Manual Device entry is used to add non-networked or legacy copier devices only and is not meant to add devices that can be detected via the ICE engine.  Except for the Device Name and Total Pages, all fields are optional.

  1. Log in to the Infinite Device Management website. 
  2. Click on “Device Management”. 
  3. Click on “New Manual Device”. 
  4. Enter the “Device Name”. 
  5. From the Site drop down, select the site for the device. 
  6. From the Model drop down, select the model of the device.  If the device isn’t listed, click on “Report Missing Model” for to have the device added to the Model list. 
  7. Fill in the optional details for the remaining fields. 
  8. Add the Total Pages for the device. 
  9. If the device is Color, enter the Total Color Pages. 
  10. Click on “Save” when finish.

NOTE: Before the new manual device will appear in most parts of the system, you must change its license to at least the Silver tracking level. 

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