How to move the ICE engine from one computer to another within the same site

To do a move of the ICE engine from one machine to another with minimal loss of tracking:

  1. Download and install the ICE engine on the new machine.
  2. Uninstall the ICE engine from the old machine.
  3. In Facilities Manager, go to Administration --> Customers --> <Customer> --> <Site name> where <Customer> is the name of the customer and <Site Name> is the name of the site.
  4. Go to the Information Collection Engine tab.
  5. There is a field at the top of the page "License Key". Check the box "Save Configuration" to save any SNMP settings (including IP address ranges) to save the existing configuration.
  6. Click on the "Remove License" button. Please note, if you "Remove License" without checking the "Save Configuration" box, all of the SNMP settings will have to be reentered.
  7. The Site Activation Code for the site is towards the top of the screen under the field "ICE Version" and above "Unique Identifier".
  8. Use this code to activate the ICE engine on the new machine.

All previous data for the site will be retained and tracking will proceed again as soon as the new ICE install is activated with the Site code.

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