How to Run the ICE Engine Scans as a Scheduled Task (Advanced)

How to Run the ICE Engine Scans as a Scheduled Task (Advanced)

Although it is highly recommended that you allow the ICE scan service to run normally under Windows Services, the ICE scan can be set to run as a scheduled task or used in a DOS command-line batch file.

To set up the ICE engine as a scheduled task:

1. Stop and set to Manual the "Print Audit FM Information Collection Engine" service in Windows Services. The "Print Audit FM Information Collection Engine Updater" service should be left as Started and Automatic.

2. In the Administrative Tools, locate Task Scheduler.

3. Under "Actions" (right hand side of Task Scheduler), click on "Create Task...".
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4. Give the task a name ie: ICE Scan.

5. You may need to change the User or Group that the ICE scan runs under. A local Windows administrator account or the equivalent may be necessary for the ICE scan to properly run and 
log it's activities.

6. Set the Trigger ie: the time at which the scan will run.

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7. Add the Action that the Scheduled Task will perform. To add the ICE scan engine, browse to 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\pafmice.exe"

8.  Add the argument for the type of scan -Discovery or -Quick

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9. Click OK when finished.

Please note:
  1. You cannot run two scans simultaneously.  If one scan is already running, any attempt to run a second scan will fail.
  2. Windows Administrator or Local System rights are required to successfully run and log scans.
  3. If you use the Windows Task Scheduler for advanced scheduling, please ensure security is set up properly.
  4. If the interval between the scheduled scans is longer than 24 hours, it’s possible that devices will show as “Stale” in the Facilities Manager Dashboard.
  5. You will not be able to Walk Devices in the ICE Administrator if the ICE scan service is stopped.
  6. If the ICE Updater service is disabled, ICE will not check and download new ICE software updates. Normally the update service will check once every 12 hours for software updates. 
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