How to use device history

The Device History allows Dealers to track service history for individual devices and is available on Platinum level tracking.

For devices that support toner cartridge change detection, a history entry will be automatically generated when a toner change occurs.

Other details of the service history can be manually added through the Device History.  To add an entry:

  1. Locate the device in the Dashboard and click on it’s name.
  2. In the Device Details screen, click on the History tab and then click on “Create new history entry” located in the upper right hand side of the screen.
  3. The available fields are:
    • Subject.
    • The type of Event that occurred.
    • The date and time at which the event occurred (approximate).
    • The duration of the event in minutes.
    • Any costs associated with the entry. These costs will be included when calculating actual costs for the device.
    • A more detailed description of the event.
  4. Click on Save to commit the entry.

The available Event Types are:

  1. Toner Cartridge Change
  2. Maintenance
  3. Service Call
  4. Parts
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