How To: Using a local configuration file with ICE

Generally, the best solution is to allow ICE to download a configuration from the Infinite Device Management server, as this makes changing the configuration of ICE a fairly trivial task.  However, should the need arise or the desire exist to run ICE using a local configuration file, it is possible to configure ICE to use one:

1) Open ICE Administrator

2) Under the 'File' menu is a 'Configuration' sub-menu, mouse over this entry to open the sub menu.

3) On the 'Configuration' menu is an option labeled "Use Local Configuration Only" ensure this is checked (enabled.)

Once local configuration has been enabled you can edit it using "View/Edit Configuration" on the Configuration sub-menu under the 'File' menu of ICE Administrator, you should see something like this:

image2014-9-24 14_9_46.png 15.57 KB

Here you can set scan intervals, SNMP port, control whether ICE pings before attempting SNMP scanning, tracking of local devices as well as the ability to switch to and from the default scan range to custom scan ranges as well as adding, removing re-ordering custom scan ranges.

Additional SNMP settings may be accessed through the button labelled 'SNMP Settings' and will result in the following window:

image2014-9-24 14_9_25.png 7.7 KB

Here you can control the various SNMP scan settings including community strings to be scanned.

The physical file being used (on post-Vista windows builds) can be located at: (by deafult):

C:\ProgramData\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\2.0\Config

and is called ICEConfig.xml. Generally you will not want to edit this file by hand, using the tools provided in ICE Administrator will ensure that syntax errors don't show up in this file and compromise ICE scanning.  
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