I only have the name of the site, not the distributor or dealer, how do I go about finding the site in the large list of distributors?

Answer: Follow the steps provided below and you will be to find the site you are looking for:

  1. Click the ‘Expand All’ button. This will expand all the rows that are currently hidden.
  2. now press CTRL+F, which will expose the Find functionality for your browser.
  3. Type in the name of the Site that you are searching for. If you are using Internet Explorer 7/8, you will need to click the ‘Next’ button so the browser will search page for a possible hit.

If you can’t find the site you are looking for then first make sure that you have the spelling you have typed into the Find functionality of your browser is proper. If the problem still persists then the Site you are looking for either does not exist or you have no permission to view it.

NOTE: it is important to note that one should not abuse the ‘Expand All’ button for it takes resources from the server to create the expanded view. The bigger the dashboard list you have the longer it will take for all the information to be processed and displayed. 
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