ICE and Windows 10

On some instances of Windows 10 with ICE 1.30 installed, the ICE scan service may stop when using a Default scan range set in the Site Details page in IDM.  This will cause a site to become Stale after 24 hours.  Print Audit is working to resolve the issue.  There are two workarounds for this issue:

Workaround 1

Set the ICE scan process to recover after a failure.

  1. Run "services.msc".
  2. Locate the service "Print Audit FM Information Collection Engine" and open it.
  3. Click on the tab "Recovery".
  4. Set the field "First Failure" to "Restart the Service".
  5. Click "Apply" and exit out of Services.

Workaround 2

  1. Login into Infinite Device Management.
  2. Go to "Administration --> Customers" and locate the Site.  Click on the Site Name.
  3. Click on the tab "Information Collection Engine".
  4. Scroll down to "Scan Settings".
  5. Set a "Custom Scan Range" rather than using a "Default Scan Range".
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