ICE Error Messages

Could not activate your license. Could not connect to the internet. Your proxy settings may be incorrect.

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This error occurs when the ICE software cannot contact the Facilities Manager server to:

  • activate a new license.

  • verify the activation code of an existing ICE installation.

This could be caused by a Proxy server or a firewall blocking access to the Facilities Manager server via port 443 (secure HTTP). To resolve this issue:

  1. Check access to the Facilities Manager server over the Internet by using the following URL as a test:

  2. Double check the Proxy settings.

Print Audit FM ICE will not upload scan data until Authenticated.

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This error will occur if ICE isn’t successfully activated after the software is installed. It occurs if the user clicks on the “Close” button in the Print Audit FM ICE Administrator Licensing dialog box.

An error occurred while verifying your license: The license unique identifier does not appear to be valid.

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The ICE software uses the MAC address of the machine it’s installed on as a “unique identifier”. The MAC address of the machine ICE is installed on can change in the following circumstances:

  • The ICE software has been installed on or moved to a different computer than the original one.

  • The ICE software is running on a virtual machine that has acquired a new virtual Mac address (can happen after a virtual machine is rebooted).

This error requires that the Activation Code be released and the ICE software re-activated.

Could not activate your license. The site is already licensed to another ICE.

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This error may occur when:

  • Trying to use an activation code for more that one site. Each installation of ICE requires it’s own activation code. Two sites cannot share the same code. If you are installing another instance of the ICE software, you will need to create a new customer (or site) in Facilities Manager.

  • Attempting to reinstall ICE after removing it from a computer or moving the ICE software to a different computer. If this is the cause, Activation Code will need to be released and the ICE software re-activated. Click on this link for the procedure.

Unable to start the ICE Service. Error 1056 & Error 1058

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These errors may occur if the ICE Services have been set to disable. To check this:
  1. Launch Services.msc (Start -> Run -> Services.msc)
  2. Find the PrintAudit FM Information Collection Engine and PrintAudit FM Information Collection Engine Updater Services in the list                                 
  3. Double click the applicable service 
  4. On the General Tab the Startup type should be set to Automatic
  5. Click Apply
If the above fails to correct the problem:

1. Launch Task Manager (Right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu)

2. Find and end all processes called pafmice.exe

3. Try to start the service via ICE Administrator

Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one

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This error may occur if the ICE installer is launched while another copy of the installer is already running.

  1. Close the second installer window by clicking on “Cancel”.

  2. The installer may have encountered an issue that prevents it from completing the installation process. You may need to reboot the machine that the ICE software is being installed on.

Unable to connect to internet. Error: Unexpected error occurred: 12152

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This error may occur if ICE is not able to connect to the internet on a proxy settings test. To correct this ensure that the proxy settings are correctly configured. If there is no proxy in the environment make sure that the network is allowing port 443 to Typical causes of this issue are incorrect proxy settings, firewall rules prohibiting the communication, or antivirus blocking the application from communicating.

Unable to start the ICE service.  Error: 1069

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This error occurs if the ICE Service(s) have been set to run as a user that does not have sufficient rights to run the ICE software as a Service or the user's credentials are invalid.  This can occur if the Proxy type is set to "Logged in user" and the user has insufficient rights to run ICE or if their credentials are no longer valid ie: the password for the user has changed.

To check the user's credentials to run ICE as a Service:

  1. Go to Windows Services
  2. Locate the service "Print Audit FM Information Collection Engine" and double click on it.
  3. Click on the tab "Log On".
  4. If the service is set to use "This account", double check that the user's credentials that have been entered correctly.  If they are incorrect, Windows will not let you start the ICE service.  If the network is not using an Authenticated proxy or if ICE does not need an authenticated user, you should be able to run ICE as "Local System".  

ICE was unable to verify your license: Soap call 'VerifyLicense' failed. Error: Unexpected error occurred: 12175

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This error occurs if ICE attempts to reach the Facilities Manager server but is not able to properly authenticate to the server. This can be caused by several issues. This issue usually revolve around the SSL communication between the machine running ICE and the Facilities Manager server:

  1. The system time on the machine running ICE is badly incorrect and the computer believes the SSL certificate is outdated.
  2. The Trusted Root Certification Authority that Windows is using is missing or corrupt.
  3. The machine running Windows is XP or Windows Server 2003 and is missing the required service patch level or hotfix to run SHA-2. Click here for more details.
  4. There could be a proxy server or firewall in the environment that is allowing outbound communication on port 443 but blocking inbound on the same port.
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