Infinite Device Management Beta Testing Setup

When preparing for Infinite Device Management & ICE Beta testing there are a few considerations before you start:
Logging into the Beta Server
1. The URL for the Beta Server is
2. Your login name should already be present in the system. This is your email address.
**Note: If you cannot remember the password for your account you can click the "I forgot Password" link and have a reset email sent to the specified account. Your Production Login account is not the same as the Beta account; The password reset will only affect the account you have triggered the request from. 
Pointing the URL for the ICE software to the Beta Server
1. After Installing ICE navigate to c:\Program Files\Print Audit Inc\Facilities Manager\
2. Create A text file Called PAFMICEURL.txt
3. Open the PAFMICEURL.txt and enter the following URL and save the file:
4. Launch the ICE Administrator. You should be prompted with a License Error Message indicating your License is no longer valid
5. Enter in the activation code for the desired Customer Site that has been obtained through the Beta version of FM
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