Infinite Device Management - Customer Deleted by Mistake


Customer or Site accidentally deleted.


As of Infinite Device Management 3.14.0, users with sufficient rights may restore deleted customers and sites.  

To restore a deleted customer or site:

  • Search for the deleted customer/site by clicking on the Deleted radio button and clicking on the Find button. The customer/site search can be further narrowed done by using the Find customers options and the optional Filter field.
  • Once the site has been located, click on the Restore Customer/Restore Site button. The customer/site should return to an active status and will be viewable in the Dashboard, active list, etc.

Please note that when a customer or site that has been deleted in Infinite Device Management, the following criteria must be met in order to restore it:

  • The user logged into Infinite Device Management must have manage privileges on at least one dealer.
  • The customer or site must been deleted within the last 30 days. Customers or sites that are deleted are purged from Infinite Device Management after 30 days and cannot be restored. 
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