Infinite Device Management Service Alerts

Service alerts available in Infinite Device Management with a brief description of the alert are listed below. These alerts are advanced and are intended for the use of Print Dealers primarily from a printer technician perspective.

Creating a service alert consists of three steps, selecting the Alert Group, selecting the Severity, and providing the code for the condition. A list of the alert groups and brief descriptions of each follow:


  • The Printer MIB makes use of the Host Resources MIB to define system resources by referencing the storage groups of the print group.


  • The Printer MIB makes use of the Host Resources MIB to define system resources by referencing the device groups of the print group.


  • The general printer sub-unit is responsible for the overall control and status of the printer.


  • The cover portion of the General print sub-unit describes the covers and interlocks of the printer.


  • The localization portion of the General printer sub-unit is responsible for identifying the natural language, country, and character set in which character strings are expressed.


  • A table of the devices capable of providing media for input to the printing process.


  • Output sub-units are managed as a tabular, indexed collection of possible devices capable of receiving media delivered from the printing process.


  • A marker is the mechanism that produces marks on the print media


  • A table of the marker supplies available on this printer.


  • A table of all of the colorants available on the printer.


  • The media path table includes both physical and logical paths within the printer


  • The channel table represents the set of input data sources which can provide print data to one or more of the interpreters available on a printer


  • The interpreter table is a table representing the interpreters in the printer.  An entry shall be placed in the interpreter table for each interpreter on the printer.


  • Physical display buffer for printer console display or operator panel


  • The console light table provides a description and state information for each light present on the printer console


  • The Alert Group consists of a single table in which all active alerts are represented.

Fin Device

  • This table defines the finishing device subunits, including information regarding possible configuration and the status for each finisher device subunit.


  • Each unique source of supply is an entry in the finisher supply table. Each supply entry has its own characteristics associated with it such as colorant and current supply level.


  • The input subunits associated with a finisher supply media are each represented by an entry in this table.


  • The attribute table defines special parameters that are applicable only to a minority of the finisher devices.

Additional detail is available from RFC 1759 (Printer MIB) - Section 21 (The Alerts Group.)

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