Is there a way to bulk upload new models to the IDM database

For the bulk of 'missing models' requests the button on the device details page beside the model drop down menu is sufficient.

However, if you represent a manufacturer of printers/copiers/MFP's and have the complete and authoritative data for multiple models, there is another option:

1) Create an Excel spreadsheet containing the following columns:



Duty Cycle

Maintenance Interval

DrumKit Interval

FuserKit Interval

Imaging Unit Interval

IsColor (Y for color devices, blank or N for mono)

Black pages per minute

Color pages per minute

Web URL (To the page on your website where users can obtain more information about the device, or your default products page.)

Device image (File name of the appropriate image in the zip file (see below))

2) Populate the data for each device being uploaded, populate all the appropriate fields, leaving the others blank.  At a minimum Manufacturer, Name, Mono and Color PPM, Web URL and image must be populated for each device, the other fields are not required, but should be populated with the correct data where available.

3) Rename the sheet 'Models' (no quotes) Save the spreadsheet as models.xls (not models.xlsx) Excel will give you a warning about using this format, you can safely ignore this warning.

4) Collect images for the devices, set the filenames to those used in the spreadsheet.  Images maybe jpeg or png, with a maximum size of 400x400 pixels.

5) Zip up the spreadsheet and the image files, name the zip file and email to
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