Model Matching in Infinite Device Management

Unknown Monochrome/Color Device or Missing Models

When Infinite Device Management adds a newly detected device to the IDM Dashboard, it attempts to match the Device Name/Manufacturer (retrieved from the MIB data collected by ICE) of the device with a Manufacturer/Model in a database of models.  Some devices may not exist in the models table and are identified as "Unknown Monochrome" or "Unknown Color” device. These devices are considered to be “Missing Models”. Device Management will now detect devices that are Unknown Monochrome/Color Device and will generate a missing model notice automatically behind the scenes. Once a device has been added to Infinite Device Management's models database, the Device Name will update automatically the next time ICE performs a scan on the device.

There are four exceptions to this process:

  • Locally Tracked devices
  • Devices with no Tracking Level assigned or set to “Do Not Track”.
  • Stale Devices.
  • The Device name has been manually edited before the model has been added to the Models database.
Please contact Technical Support to report other issues with model details and device matching:

  • Incorrect model details.
  • Specific model requests.
  • Incorrect model matching.

Please note: Locally tracked devices will always be identified as “Unknown” and will not update automatically. If you wish to have a locally tracked device added to the Models list, please contact Technical Support to request this. Once added, the device name can be set manually through the Device Details screen.

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