Negative Page Counts being reported by in Infinite Device Management or the Rapid Assessment Key

Problem: a print device shows a decrease (negative) page count from one scan to the next


  • Faulty firmware on the print device
  • Maintenance being done on the device that re-sets the page counters when they should not be reset

How to correct:

  • Recommended: No correction – Infinite Device Management calculates how many pages have happened in a specific time period by taking a scan of what the page count was just before the start of the time period and comparing it to the latest scan just before the end of the time period. So for whatever time period used, negative page counts will only impact the one time period as subsequent ones will report correctly*
  • Update firmware – many times, updating the device firmware will correct the page count*

*Note: there will be some lost page counts during the reporting time period when using the recommended procedure, and some page counts may be lost using the second method.

Recommendation: when performing maintenance on a print device, best practice is to print out a configuration page showing the current page counts prior to doing the maintenance, then print another configuration page after the maintenance and compare the page counts. If there is a change in the page counts, the dealer managing the printer should be notified.

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