*** Optional ICE Configuration Features - IDM 3.27.0 and ICE 1.32.0 ***

With the release of IDM 3.27.0 and ICE 1.32.0 there are some important changes to be aware of regarding Toshiba counters and some Konica Minolta device Serial numbers. Note that until ICE is updated to 1.32.0 none of the below can possibly apply, even if the options are set. If you intend to set either option for an existing site, that site must be running ICE 1.32.0.

As the help file, excerpted below , indicates, for your existing sites, these options will not be set, allowing you to preserve the legacy behavior.  For new sites however, these options will be set, you have no ability to toggle them.  As long as a site doesn't have these options changed, the releases will have no net effect.  However be aware of the below, and assess the potential impact BEFORE enabling these options.

From the help file:

"When manufacturers change or add new counters or data in their device MIBs, it does not always adapt well to how IDM has historically reported data for those devices. Some new MIB data can substantially alter what you report and bill on the devices that you have been managing. For this reason, Optional Configuration Features are available to switch on the collection of that data on sites at your discretion. These features are only configurable on pre-existing sites. All new sites will have these options switched on, by default.

  • Toshiba devices - This enables the collection of new mid- and high-color coverage meters, as well as erasable blue page meters for Toshiba devices. Enabling this on an existing site could substantially elevate your Total Meter counts, due to the historical method of calculating Toshiba total page meters in IDM.
  • Konica Minolta devices - Each manufacturer reports their serial number in a unique location in the MIB. In the case where Konica Minolta has rebadged another manufacturer's device, the value being collected historically for the device serial number may not have been retrieved from the correct location. Enabling this option will correct those device serial numbers."
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