Using the Scope Selection in Infinite Device Manager

Starting with IDM 3.24, the Scope Picker (Scope Selection) has been changed to allow for easier and faster searching of objects in the IDM hierarchy ie: Dealers/Customers/Sites.  

  • Search for - Allows the user to search for scopes of a given type (eg: Dealer, Customer).
  • Filter by name - Allows the user to search for scopes with a name that begins with the text entered into the "Filter by name" field.
  • Search under - If the user is drilling down into a given scope (see below), this field will display the scope the search is being limited to. If this field is not displayed, the search will be performed across all scopes the user has access to. 

Drilling Down

Users can drill down through the hierarchy of scopes they have access to by clicking on the magnifying glass button next to the name of the scope in the search results.  If no magnifying glass button appears for a search result, there are no scopes beneath it that fall within the allowed selection range for the page. As the user drills down, the search results are replaced with the child entries of the scope the user has drilled down into. 

In order to stop drilling down, click the "X" button that appears beside the "Search under" field.  This will clear the field and refresh the search results.

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